Carole Osterweil

Applied Neuroscience to ‘Change’ Projects

Carol’s LinkedIn Profile

Carole is the author of Project Delivery, Uncertainty and Neuroscience – A Leader’s Guide to Walking in Fog and she’s with us at PMiP to serve as a change agent.

Carole is on a mission – to make the human dynamics which get in the way of delivery more visible. She helps executives and their teams work out how to

  • increase productivity and improve outcomes with less stress.
  • deliver results when the goalposts are constantly shifting and objectives morphing.
  • respond effectively when their environment, project or stakeholders are not behaving the way they should.

Carole cut her teeth as an international project leader before becoming an educator and executive coach at Ashridge-Hult, one of Europe’s leading business schools. Here she’s supported hundreds of senior executives and leaders in changing their behaviour to meet the challenge of transforming their organisation’s operating model.

An MBA, trained in neuroscience and psychotherapy, Carole now runs a niche consultancy, Visible Dynamics.  Current assignments include working with Cranfield University to build the UK Government’s senior change, project and programme management capability.

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