Mike Clayton

Transactional Analysis: An Essential Toolset for Project Managers Leading Change

Mike’s LinkedIn Profile

Mike is committed to helping craft great project managers, professionals, and business leaders.
Mike is a business author and speaker, a facilitator, and a trusted advisor, with a background of integrating complex change in major national and multi-national organizations. He offers keynotes and seminars for conferences, and events, and provide in-house and open workshops and seminars. Mike is perhaps most well-known as the founder of OnlinePMCourses, which offers high quality video-based Project Management training.
Mike has written fourteen print books, including How to Speak so People Listen, The Yes/No Book, How to Manage a Great Project, and The Influence Agenda. Mike’s professional background is 12 years as a project management professional with the London office of international management consultancy Deloitte. Prior to that, Mike had an academic career in Physics, working at the world renowned Schuster Laboratory of The University of Manchester.

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