2015 Conference


Livestream Archive in case you missed it online or in person. Click here.

Meanwhile view the slides here and review the content (ZIP:2015 Conference)


PMP: In preparation for the PMPPrep Session please download the PROCESSES and the free PMP study resources shown below:

For AGILE session only : In preparation for the Agile session you may want to read or review the Scrum Reference Card / and Video Sessions

Slides for Agile Workshop PMIP BU 2015

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1) Are we going to watch the online sessions on DESKTOP or the APP?
Answer: Desktop. But if an app is available we will let you know. For the afternoon session we will be using Gotomeeting which has an app see http://www.gotomeeting.com/online/…/ipadiphone-android-app

2) What is the purpose of the WHOVA app…
Answer: Communicating with you, with each other and using the MAPS for location of the building. You also use it to ask questions on the session being presented. Note: We will also monitor the conversation and questions in this website under the JAM forum in this website.

3) What is the recording for watching the Friday morning keynotes?
Answer: We will email the video recording soon.

4) Does Livestream have an app?
Answer: Yes. For iPad, iPhone, Android.. get it from the store. It is free.

5) Will they be recorded?
Answer:Not all sessions are recorded.

6) How will I get the PDU certificate?
Answer: At the conference at the registration desk. Online folks will get an email from PMiP staff.

7) I would like to attend the morning session. I registered for the afternoon session.
Answer: No problem. You are covered.

If you have any questions please email: kanabar@bu.edu subject header: PMIP –

Upon completion of the conference, please complete the survey PMiP CONFERENCE SURVEY