Scott Lynde

Scott Lynde is a program director for Industry Solutions at Microsoft. In this role he is responsible for leading portfolios and large, complex technology programs through all phases of the program lifecycle. Prior to joining Microsoft, Scott was a director of program management at Raytheon Technologies, where he led an organization of several hundred program and project managers who were supporting a multi-billion dollar portfolio of large, complex, domestic and international defense programs. Prior to this, Scott was an associate director of program manager development at Raytheon, where he was responsible for leading the implementation of program management training, certification, and professional development programs designed to advance the discipline of program management. Throughout his 25-year career at Raytheon, Scott served in a variety of leadership and program management roles, primarily with international defense programs and and various internal functions—including a unique opportunity to lead implementation for the Raytheon sponsorship of Sum of All Thrills, a popular attraction at Epcot at Walt Disney World. Amid these career experiences, Scott has over 20 years of experience developing and teaching courses on leadership, communication, strategy, program management, and project management.

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