Prasad S. Kodukula

A Novel Framework for Next Generation Metrics

Prasad’s LinkedIn

Dr. Prasad S. Kodukula, PMP, PgMP, DASM, is a speaker, coach, author, inventor, and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of professional experience. A PMI Fellow and a self-proclaimed Global Ambassador of Project Management, Prasad has spoken in nearly 50 countries on many project management related topics. He has worked with more than 40 Fortune 100 companies (e.g., Abbott, BP, Chrysler, Dow, Kraft Foods, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Motorola, Stryker, Volkswagen, United Technologies). He is co-founder and CEO of two companies: Kodukula & Associates, Inc. (, a project management speaking and coaching company; and NeoChloris, Inc. (, a clean energy company. He is adjunct faculty at the University of Chicago. He was recognized three times by the Project Management Institute as “Best of the Best in Project Management” with 2020 PMI Fellow Award, 2016 Eric Jenett Project Management Excellence Award and 2010 PMI Distinguished Contribution Award. He also received prestigious awards from the USEPA and the States of Kansas and Illinois for outstanding achievements in education, training, and technology innovation. Prasad is a co-author or contributing author of eight books and more than 40 articles and co-owns four patents.

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