Real-World Studies: Portfolio Management Landscape & Managing Projects in a Pandemic

How many “best practices” do you come across in any week? Have you ever wondered whether these “best” practices are truly “best” or just “good”? If you are skeptical, and most of the professionals ought to be skeptics, then it’s important to find quality information that provides valuable insights to shape ideas and solution. This is the underlying premise of today’s topic – presenting the preliminary findings from two real-world studies that are still underway. In “Portfolio Management Landscape” study, you will see the attributes and the key considerations from the practical world of portfolio management. The Managing Projects During a Pandemic, which started in March, examines, how organizations and project management practitioners responded in this trying times. Collectively, these studies will provide valuable insights that can be used for benchmarking as well as planning your next steps. Participants will also have a chance to contribute to the study too.