Taking the Leap—Large enterprise PM goes to the small company

NOTE: This session will now take place in lieu of the “Conceptualizing and Managing Research Projects.”

11 a.m. – Noon, May 15, 2015

Many Project Managers contemplate a move from the large enterprise into the small company. I embarked on this journey about 2 years ago and wish to share my motivation and experience with the transition into the small company project context.


Jon Lacks

John Lacks Project Management SpeakerPartner and Project Director at DockYard, a design and development consultancy located in Boston, MA. Over the last decade, Jon has managed multiple large scale development projects for the financial service, education, health/fitness and marketing industries. Specializing in “Pragmatic” project management where process and tools come secondary to the teams ability to collaborate on evolving high value/quality solutions. Specific expertise in multiple variants of Agile software development.