Project Management and Supply Chain Management in Global Markets: The Evolution of Strategy and Sustainability Initiatives from a Top Leadership Perspective

Kathleen Park

In this session, attendees will learn about original research at the intersection of strategy and sustainability and also at the intersection of global project management and global supply chain management, from a top leadership perspective as situated within a global logistics firm currently operating in over 100 countries and having a particularly strong presence in developing as well as developed economies of the world. My research and publications overall are at the intersection of five key areas within modern management practice: global leadership, global supply chain management, global strategy and sustainability, project management, and national and global economic development. In this talk, I will be concentrating specifically on the duality of a world-class strategy and sustainability program, arising from the strategic leadership vision and evolving through the principles of project management, in the global logistics and international trade industry (related to SCM), from an economically emerging region of the world that has been part of the emerging markets momentum of increasing contribution to the growth of the global economy.