How to effectively implement Osmotic Communication in the age of COVID-19?

Dr. Sriram Rajagopalan

The theme of the presentation is “Leading Teams balancing effective communication with efficient delivery” One of the essential ingredients for agile to succeed is the foundational self-organized team structure promoting the empirical pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation. For the self-organized team to deliver to the minimum viable product, Agile approaches have always emphasized on osmotic communication. Contrary to popular thinking, this form of communication is not about colocation but allow contextual information flow not necessarily directed to one individual to be absorbed by other team members. As the current pandemic forces people to maintain social distancing and work consistently from remote environment, leading remote, distributed, asynchronous, and virtual teams to implement osmotic communication becomes challenging. Focus will be on the concepts behind implementing osmotic communication and the practical ways to extend this approach in today’s distributed environment.