Tracks at a Glance

We have two marquee tracks in 2021: Project Change Management and Value in Projects, Programs, and Portfolios. These two themes run concurrently on both conference days. The Agile Track runs on the second day. All sessions and tracks are recorded.

Project Change Management– Projects are by definition all about change. Why have a project in the first place, if you didn’t want change? And as you know, we humans are not necessarily that good with change. This track will build your capability to understand yourself and your stakeholders with respect to this important aspect of projects.

  • Day 1 Agenda: Coming Soon
  • Day 2 Agenda: Coming Soon

Value in Projects, Programs and Portfolios – We’re in a world now where we realize that projects are not only about outputs. They are about outcomes! Outcomes produce (hopefully!) benefits and benefits, over time, produce value. This track explores this important new context for project, program, and portfolio managers and their sponsors.

Agile PM track – Distinguished presenters talk about agile leadership, agile portfolio, complex project, personal agility, agile vs. lean, and scaling agile projects.

  • Day 2 Agile Agenda: Coming soon
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