Scaling Agile

According the Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe®) authors, this agile approach helps address challenges of developing and delivering enterprise-class software and systems in the shortest sustainable lead time. SAFe synchronizes alignment, collaboration, and delivery for multiple Agile teams. Scalable and configurable, SAFe allows each organization to adapt it to its own business needs. It supports smaller-scale solutions employing 50 – 125 practitioners, as well as complex systems that require thousands of people.(Readmore at: During this session you will get a brief overview of Agile through a hands-on, multi-team, full-cycle, product-oriented Scrum simulation. Organized into Agile teams, you will learn what it means to build an iterative and modular product and experience hands-on some key concepts of Agile: backlogs, story point estimations, sprinting, demos & retrospectives.
Presenter :Raj Heda