Want to go to PMiP? Let us help you ask your boss on your behalf! (customize for your supervisor)

Hi [Manager Name],

I would like to Boston University’s Project Management in Practice (PMiP) conference, June 25-26, 2020, in Boston, Massachusetts. Every year, BU hosts this top-rated conference on project management which is loaded with content on the latest in our discipline. I will learn what’s going on in the practice of PM (with real examples) and how today’s trends can be incorporated into our practices to advance not only my professional development, but the bottom line of [insert organization name].

I’ll also find out what Project Managers are doing differently now and discover how they are tackling challenges similar to the ones our organization faces – even if those lessons come from different practice areas.  That’s one of the great aspects of this conference, it gathers people from various industries.

The event will have speakers from industry practice and academia.  I’ll meet colleagues who are dealing with the same challenges in their projects, and learn about the latest tools, templates, products, and solutions available. This will have a great benefit for [insert current project you are working on; if you don’t have anything in mind, do not include this sentence].

Additionally, networking is an enormous part of this event; the community aspect is huge! Coming together project management professionals and hearing what colleagues are doing—or not doing, for that matter—provides invaluable learning opportunities.

SIx Big Benefits of Attending:

1. Find real solutions to our top challenges. PMiP will have tracks on Project Portfolio Management and Sustainability, as well as Agile PM.  I’ll discover, and will be able to share how peers are tackling issues similar to the ones we are facing. In short, I’ll learn new strategies and solutions to solve some of our biggest challenges.

2. Meet and learn from trendsetters. PMiP speakers, attendees, and exhibitors are at the forefront of the industry; they are the game changers. This is a great opportunity to find out how they stay ahead of the curve. We can apply those practices to [insert your organization name].

3. Networking. I’ll make new connections with peers and find out how they are managing common challenges. Additionally, I will meet potential partners, suppliers, and new employees who could help us with [insert current issue you are dealing with].

4. Stay relevant. To stay relevant in our profession, we have to know the latest trends and how to implement them in our organization. With several sessions focused on innovation in each track, trailblazing speakers, and demos of the latest software, there is no better place to take the pulse of the industry than PMiP. 

5. Inspire our team. I’ll take what I learn from PMiP and share it with the team. I’ll have the tools and know-how to implement the latest PM strategies. It’s not just about my personal development. By successfully using what I learn at PMiP, I’ll help us improve [insert organization’s name]’s bottom line!

6. Get Professional Development Units (PDUs). I will get PDUs for attending which will help me keep my professional certification up to date. [NOTE – if you have no certification – state that PMiP will help you towards the required education (contact hours) required for applying for a PMI certification].

My projected costs for attending PMiP are [insert your cost estimate]. This includes registration, transportation, lodging, events, and meals.

Bottom line: PMiP is integral to my professional development. Rather than having to attend multiple events throughout the year, this one will cover the entire industry. I will bring back new ideas, best practices, and solutions that we can implement right away. Additionally, I will develop an overview of what I’ve learned and actionable takeaways for the team so that we can work together to move the department and [insert organization name] forward.

I hope you will consider my request and grant me approval to attend.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Your Name]