Stephen Devaux

All Projects are Investments! Why Don’t We Manage Them That Way?

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Steve has trained and consulted in project management for over 25 years with corporate and governmental groups including the US Air Force, BAE Systems, iRobot, Siemens, Wells Fargo, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, American Electric and many others. He has taught graduate project management courses at Suffolk University, Brandeis University and University of the West Indies/Barbados, and in Executive Education programs at Bentley University and UMass/Lowell.

Steve is the author of Managing Projects as Investments: Earned Value to Business Value and Total Project Control: (2nd edition) A Practitioner’s Guide to Managing Projects as Investments (CRC Press, 2014 and 2015). He contributed chapters on his new CPM metric, critical path drag, in two 2013 books: Project Management in the Oil and Gas Industries and Handbook of Emergency Response. His Sep/Oct 1992 article in Project Management Journal titled “When the DIPP Dips: A P&L Index for Project Decisions” was republished by PMI in 1999 as a featured article in the book Essentials of Project Control (Pinto & Trainer, eds.). He is the author of numerous articles and PMI webinars, and has been a speaker at PMI Chapter meetings throughout the US. Steve has developed several new metrics and concepts in project management including critical path drag (now computed by both Asta Powerproject and Spider Project software packages), drag cost, true cost, the value breakdown structure (VBS), the cost of leveling with unresolved bottlenecks (the CLUB), the doubled resource estimated duration (the DRED), the DIPP (Devaux’s Index of Project Performance) baseline for project value, and the DIPP Progress Index (DPI). Steve has a BA in English from UMass and an MS in Project Management from Northeastern University and is a veteran of US Army Intelligence, Vietnam.

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