Developing Pro-Social and Sustainability Behaviors with Character Strengths

Character Strengths are evidence-based concepts from the science of Positive Psychology which is about 20 years old. We each have the same 24 character strengths although we express them differently. Our top strengths or “signature strengths” are usually those that we and others recognize within us, the others may feel like more of a reach. Character strengths are about Being and Doing. When we optimize our character strengths we act at our best and do things that align with general wellbeing and health. In this session attendees will explore how to leverage their strengths to increase social intelligence – one of the 24 strengths – and through strengths to create and foster pro-social and sustainable behaviors. It starts with knowing and growing your own strengths and then moves to seeing and encouraging strengths in others. Attendees will walk away with at least one practical strengths tool that they can implement immediately.