Workshop Details and Speaker Bios

Note 1: The following workshops might be of interest to you. Note: If you registered during the “Early Bird” promotion period you will be assured a workshop seat. Note 2: The workshops generally involve substantial amount of “in-class” learning and “hands-on” activities. As such they will not stream or record elegantly if you are an online participant.

How to Deal With Social Politics in Your Organization — Encore Presentation (Click here for details) 

Leadership: Leading with Gratitude — Solutions to Boost Engagement and Innovation (Click here for details)

PMP Overview & Preparation: Workshop Starts May 6th (Click here for details)

Scrumming: Mastering the Scrum Guide Case Study: Designing and building a Mobile app prototype

Scaling Agile – SAFe (Click here for details)

Learning Agile — the Lego exercise  (Click here for details)